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CallN by Telstra™ was founded in June 2010 and over a few short years has accumulated hundreds of active customers from over 50 countries. The number of happy customers is a testament to how easy CallN is to use as a product and the powerful elegant features available to users to manage, review and gain insights into their call recordings, as well as the ability to provide an easy to use and convenient reporting system.

CallN works from one handset to hundreds of handsets and scales seamlessly so we can cater from the smallest client to the largest companies. 

CallN by Telstra™ was recently acquired by Telstra Phonewords which is itself 85% owned by Telstra. Telstra Corporation Limited is Australia’s largest telecommunications and media company which builds and operates telecommunications networks and markets voice, mobile, internet access, pay television and other entertainment products and services.

This strategic acquisition will allow CallN customers to experience even better customer support and services. Telstra Phonewords is the premier provider of Phone words to customers in Australia. You can learn more about Telstra Phonewords by visiting their website at www.telstraphonewords.com.au.

We have some exciting plans in the year ahead with new features planned for CallN that will provide even more valuable insight into your customers and Sales.


Powershop NZ Ltd.


Powershop NZ Ltd has used CallN as its call recording solution since 2010. CallN have been, and continue to be an excellent and cost effective solution for both our quality and compliance requirements. The CallN technical support team are a pleasure to deal with and as a fast growing company, we often have special requirements which CallN always deal with quickly and efficiently. It is a genuine pleasure to recommend CallN and the CallN team as a call recording solution for any company, big or small

Rob McIntyre- Customer Service Manager

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