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CallN provides the world’s best and easiest to use Call Recording solution for VoIP but what about a solution for mobile phones?

To best answer this question, it is important to understand a bit about how companies that say they allow call recordings on mobile actually work. They generally fall into two camps:


The Not So Smart, Smart App:

The first are those that have an app on their mobile smart phones. At first this sounds like brilliant idea. A simple app you can use anytime you want to record a conversation?

Sign me up – I’m there. 

However there are several important, and in our opinion, fatal flaws with this solution. The first is that this type of solution will not currently work on Apple iPhones™. This could be a big part of your staff that you will miss out on.

The second is that allowing use of an app like this could easily lead one into making illegal call recordings (to learn more see our helpful Call Recording and the Law page) which can get you and your business into major trouble.


The Not So Cheap Solution:

The other way people have tackled this problem is via an “in-network” type solution. In theory, this method can work well however because the people that provide this sort of solution don’t typically own the telephone networks the costs of routing calls through their partner telephone networks are of course passed on to you.

They may try to lure you in via a low per-handset monthly cost but additionally you may be saddled with potentially expensive call costs through a phone network you didn’t want to use in the first place.


What Mobile calls will CallN record right now?

If you are using a mobile soft phone app, like Broadsoft’s UC-One or Cisco Mobile 8.1, you can record these VoIP mobile calls made within your internal network traffic.

But this will soon be improved…


Future CallN Solution:

The good news is that our solution will be different! While our solution is actively in the works and keeping our boffins very busy, what we can say is that when we do launch it, it will work on all smart phones and even on some mobiles that are not smart phones. Furthermore, the same solution will also work with pretty much any phone out there with a few small caveats.

Due to the complexity of rolling this solution out (don’t worry – we will always keep it simple for you to use!) we expect to roll it out on a market by market basis, starting with Australia. Intrigued? We hope so. If your business wants mobile call recording please leave us a few details here and we’ll contact you prior to release. 


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