Sales Insights & Reporting

CallN™ is not simply a call recording tool but used properly can help you improve your Sales and provide key insights into customers and your sales process.

CallN can help you:

  • improve customer service & sales performance
  • identify skill and knowledge gaps to supercharge your training
  • monitor and improve sales & service process
  • better manage compliance and legal risk
  • use powerful reporting and analytic features to better understand and improve customer experience. 

For more information about how CallN’s features can provide insight into your business you can also view our YouTube Channel here.


How does your ‘call’ to ‘sales’ ratio look? Measurement of any key metric in business leads to success. You can’t improve what you don’t measure. Tracking the results of phone calls is the first step to improvement and growth.

The review of call recordings and reporting can highlight the performance, strengths and weaknesses, of all your staff. This means you can instantly spot any problem areas or training opportunities in real time and address them.


How many calls does a Sales Person make? How much time do they spend on a call? Are they asking the right questions? What is the average time spent on each call? How are they handling objections?

Call recording can help identify gaps in skill set and knowledge and allow constructive feedback and targeted training to be given to improve performance and achieve better results. Coach your team members to become more confident in objection handling and closing deals.


Management can continuously improve sales strategies based on real-life scenarios, not only in the Sales Team, but in Customer Service and Support. A customers continued loyalty demands that all communication with them will meet their needs for the entire journey. This may include analysis of how your team is handling customer complaints and how many cancellations are being saved.

Analysis of call recordings to uncover what leads to a successful sale and what causes a customer to cancel can help identify gaps that may help improve your processes, the customer’s end-to-end journey, overall satisfaction and help minimise churn.


Using CallN’s detailed Search and Reporting functionality you can explore how your business communicates with your customers and compare this with end results to draw valuable insight into the customer experience.

For CRM users you can also integrate your CallN activity into Salesforce to give you greater reporting and measurement power with Dashboards, alerts and customised reports that can include ‘call to result’ metrics.


Disputes can sometimes occur. Many companies and industries use call recordings as a valuable asset to reduce the risk in a dispute and confirm compliance to legal requirements.

Rather than just rely on memory of past conversations, or notes left in a CRM, call recordings can fully inform you about the facts before making a decision on how to address the situation. This may help you resolve a disagreement quickly, maintain a good customer relationship, or even help you save thousands of dollars.

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  • Accurate details are needed in order to use the right pricing tier information.
  • The calculator will give you the total cost of the plan according to the total months you specify
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