Salesforce ™

For those customers using™ (SFDC), CallN can integrate with your Salesforce instance to:

  • Automatically create Tasks for inbound and outbound calls saving your team many hours per week in data entry so they can focus on the more important tasks in your business.
  • Provide a link to call recordings held in your CallN library for easy access and review by authorised users for call auditing and quality assurance.
  • Drastically improve data accuracy, quality, consistency and call record completeness for contacts in Salesforce for a more complete auditable communication trail.
  • Use the information in Salesforce Reports and Dashboards to gain greater transparency and insight into how call data is contributing to your results.

For the nuts and bolts visit the Salesforce Integration section below:




CallN is a fantastic call recording application. I highly recommend it. It stores all of your recordings in the cloud and has really tight integration with that automatically links our recordings right on every sales order in  Setup was really simple and straight forward and when I had a question during install their support was extremely helpful and easy to work with.


Salesforce Integration

Are you currently using or planning to use (SFDC)? CallN can easily integrate with SFDC to automatically create a Task record and relate it to the appropriate contact in Salesforce.

This feature matches the number of an inbound/outbound call to the same contact number in Salesforce and automatically creates a Task with the most relevant information in the Subject line. A descriptor of ‘(CallN)’ is added to the front of the Subject line so you can differentiate between manually created Tasks and also use it as a filter in Screen Views and Reports.


The security of CallN recordings is still managed from within the CallN application so only the persons you authorise will have access to listen, download or remove any call files.


The integration of your call data will help you leverage’s work flow, reporting and dashboard features to provide greater insight into to your call and sales cycle metrics. Some areas it can help provide insights to are: knowing how many calls it took for a Sales Person to close a sale; show the total number of calls made by each Sales Person; use the automated Task created by CallN to trigger a new Work Flow for further action and much more.

The automatic creation of Tasks can save your team hours per week in data entry, drastically improve data accuracy and completeness of contact records with customers and provide an auditable communication trail when needed.

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