Telstra TIPT

CallN Works with Telstra TIPT

CallN can be integrated seamlessly with Telstra IP Telephony (TIPT)™ systems to easily automate call recording in your organisation.

  • automatically record all calls received and made on your Telstra IP Telephony (TIPT)™ service.
  • you choose which handsets you would like to record.
  • improve customer communication and business results with access to call recordings, reporting and analytics from anywhere.
  • reduce business risk and manage regulatory and compliance requirements.
  • secure, safe and easy to manage.
  • Telstra Customers can choose to add CallN’s service charges to their Telstra Bill.

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Telstra TIPT provides customers with all the functionality of a traditional on-site phone system with Telstra IP Telephony. You get powerful phone features on the go, with compatible mobiles, tablets and laptops with the UC-One app, or conduct multi-party video meetings on compatible devices with one dial in over Telstra IP networks and the internet.

To learn more about Telstra TIPT we encourage you to visit the Telstra TIPT page

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