VoIP Call Recording Benefits

VoIP Call Recording Benefits
Benefits for Business Owners & Managers
  • Powerful Analytics
  • Improved Employee Performance
  • Better Customer Relations
  • Match Compliance Requirements
Benefits for It Staff & System Admins
  • Fast & Easy Installation
  • No Hardware Required
  • Detailed Start-up Guides
  • Trouble-shooting Guides
Benefits for Employees & Call Center Staff
  • Identify Problem Areas Quickly
  • Construct Specific Training Goals
  • Staff Can Listen to Their Calls
  • Basis for Performance Review

Use Cases


CallN allows you to really listen to your customers and gain insight into their needs, motivations, likes, dislikes, pain points, business problems, identify buying stage and even competitor market movement and strategy. This helps identify gaps and improvement to everything from marketing messages to campaign strategy and product management.


Improving sales and marketing strategy relies on a business keeping its finger on the pulse and staying at the forefront of innovation. Your customers are the blood and life of your business. CallN allows greater insight into your customer’s thoughts, opinion and suggestions through call review and analysis.


At an operational level CallN provides management with a tool to easily and effectively manage areas of sales and after sales performance, training, customer disputes, business and market strategy.

Customer Relations

Businesses can speak with hundreds or thousands of customers a day. Sometimes misunderstandings and disputes can occur. To help understand and resolve issues quickly, CallN lets you gather all communications with a customer to review, clarify and refresh your understanding of any situation to help you decide on the best course of action.


In many industries and areas the use of call recordings may be required by law. For everyone else it has become a necessity to help businesses improve and grow and minimise risk. CallN makes it simple to implement a call recording system that will comply with laws in your region. For more information see the Call Recording and the Law page.


Sales Managers and trainers can listen to calls to get a detailed insight into a sale person’s performance, questions they are asking or not asking, how they are handling objections and much more. This provides an opportunity to identify gaps in skill and knowledge and to construct a personalised training plan for each staff member to help improve performance and results.

Smart Pricing

Smart Pricing With Unlimited Recording, No Lock-in Contract

We know what you want – a VoIP call recording solution that represents great value with terms that suit you. That’s why we have a range of packages and options to match your business, and with unlimited recording your staff can talk for hours and you don’t pay any extra. Throw in a ‘No lock-in’ contract, get setup in as little as 30 minutes, and CallN becomes an easy choice.

Call us for a quote 1300 IMPROVE(+61 1300 467 768).

CallN Business CallN Enterprise
CallN Business CallN Enterprise
Unlimited Call Volumes All Business features, PLUS
SSL Security Call Transcription
Call Recording Sentiment Analysis
Search & Filter Keyword Analysis
Group, Tag & Annotate User/Agent Scoring
Call Analytics Location Analysis
Custom & Scheduled Reporting Topic Analysis
CRM Integration Enterprise Dashboard

Voip Recording Understand Your Business

The old adage about asking what your customers think still stands – except now you can get this information by analysing their calls. Whether you’re interested in strategy or training, brand reputation or sales metrics, CallN’s VoiP Call Recording dashboard provides access to detailed analysis of how you interact with your customers.

The case studies below illustrate how CallN’s VoIP Call Recording analytics could help grow your business.

Review Your Calls Anywhere, Any Time

Let’s face it – everyone’s on the move. That’s why CallN was designed from the ground up to have all your VoIP call recordings stored on our secure cloud. So now, staff members can retrieve recordings from anywhere, at any time.

Just log into our powerful console from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop and start listening to your calls.

Explore Our Console

Minimum Disruption Easy to Set-up & Use

Worried about the implications of integrating a new VoIP call recording system?

No problem! We can have a business with 100’s of handsets up and running in under 30 minutes – with no loss of service.

Couple this with cloud based playback & powerful analytics, and you’ll find it’s not just the IT guys who think CallN is easy to use.

Startup Guide How It Works

Calln Console Supports

Mobile Access

CallN resides in the cloud. So whether you are in the office or travelling through the wine regions of France, you can have access to your call recording library through any web browser and internet connection anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


CallN provides an easy to use yet powerful interface to quickly filter and find what you are looking for. Filter by dates, phone number, user names, call lengths, rating, comments, even search by keyword in comments. You have the flexibility to filter and sort results to find what you need.


Easily rate and comment on calls reviewed in CallN as part of your performance and improvement strategy. Many customers use CallN to manage and view call notes and comments and you can even rate calls for coaching and training purposes.


You can’t understand what you don’t measure. CallN incorporates a set of graphical reporting tools for a simple display of all of the core call metrics. You also have the ability to export data for further analysis in external applications like Excel. With integration into Salesforce.com you can then use combined data to gain insight into calls matched against the different stages of the sales cycle and life cycle of a customer.


CallN has now released Call Transcription in it's CallN Enterprise package. Call recordings are automatically transcribed for you directly from your console.

Client Testimonials

CallN is a fantastic call recording application. I highly recommend it. It stores all of your recordings in the cloud and has really tight integration with Salesforce.com that automatically links our recordings right on every sales order in Salesforce.com. Setup was really simple and straight forward and when I had a question during install their support was extremely helpful and easy to work with.

By Marc CutlerGold Integration Partner (Salesforce.com)

CallN is without a doubt the simplest and most cost effective call recording solution on the market. We love it. Our clients love it.

By Matt TewDirector (I-Possible)

Powershop NZ Ltd has used CallN as its call recording solution since 2010. CallN have been, and continue to be an excellent and cost effective solution for both our quality and compliance requirements. The CallN technical support team are a pleasure to deal with and as a fast growing company, we often have special requirements which CallN always deal with quickly and efficiently. It is a genuine pleasure to recommend CallN and the CallN team as a call recording solution for any company, big or small.

By Rob McIntyrePowershop NZ Ltd

We've used the CallN call recording solution for a number of years now, it’s a brilliant product, well priced, first class support and a great asset to our portfolio of products we can offer our clients.

By Tony WardingI.T. manager(YSes.co.uk)

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