AI Assisted Call Transcription

CallN Analytics automatically transcribes every call with high accuracy. Improve accuracy further by calibrating CallN's vocabulary feature.

AI Assisted Call Transcription

Why Call Transcription is Important

Using call transcription and machine learning, CallN turns voice conversations into Big Data which can then be analysed like any other data source.

  • Monitor 100% of your conversations to ensure nothing is missed
  • Leverage CallN’s data analytics capabilities, made possible with call transcription
  • Perfect for contact centre use to monitor all calls without having to listen to each one
  • Search through calls for specific words or phrases

What Call Transcription Allows You to Do

  • Through automated call transcription and machine learning, CallN provides rich speech analytics capabilities to save you time and resources.
  • Automated dual-channel voice-to-text transcription
  • AI assisted isolated spoken word (keyword) analysisAnalysis around specific user-defined words and phrases
  • Can be easily fine-tuned and customised for better accuracy

How it Works

CallN provides deep customer experience capabilities through automated sentiment analysis. Our AI assisted automatic transcription software goes a step further to provide you with greater insight into customer sentiment.

  • Sophisticated sentiment engine provides deep insights to the experiences your customers are having
  • Calls are categorised as positive or negative according to the keywords and phrases used
  • Quickly understand the drivers of positive and negative sentiment across different variables
  • Get an overview of customer and agent sentiment


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