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CallN Features
Rich set of tools for your business needs

At CallN we take pride in providing users an intuitive, easy to use experience. We put a lot of thought behind each feature we implement, focusing on what is useful. We make it a point to listen to our clients and some of the features we have developed have come from this experience.

CallN now offers two package levels, CallN Business and CallN Enterprise. The features in each package are shown below.

Table of Features 

Call Recording
Call Analytics
Advanced Search Filter Functionality
Customised Reporting
Scheduled Reporting
Custom Tagging
DTMF tone based programming
Rule based call recoding emails
Custom Handset grouping
Data Sovereignty
PCI DSS Compliance features
Secure Encrypted Data Transport (SSL)
Encryption of data at REST capable
Redundancy in Data
Scalable Architecture
Free Cloud Storage 1 Year of Calls
Dashboard Overview
Multi-level Handset Customisation
Time stamped call commenting
Administrator customised user privileges
Full audit trail for every recording
Fully featured Rest API available
CRM Integration with Salesforce.com & others
Call Transcription 
Call Sentiment 
Keyword Analysis and Attribution 
Custom Score Sheets to drive keyword measurement 
Topic Analysis 
Custom Vocabulary 
User or Agent Scoring 
Location or Geo-Analysis Reporting 
Drag and Drop Rules Engine 
Automated PCI Redaction 
Enterprise Dashboard 


Call Recording

CallN™ will record any and all VoIP calls that your business makes and receives, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can be accessed on CallN’s cloud server.

You can choose which handsets or soft phones you would like to record, the types of calls, and the minimum call length. Recording for individual handsets can be temporarily or permanently disabled at any time by an administrator or optionally  by a user with a key short-cut on their keypad.

Group, Tag, Rate and Annotate

To more easily filter your calls and data CallN lets you create custom Groups for user handsets. Calls can also be tagged with standard or custom Tags to better categorise the calls by type. Individual calls can be annotated with comments or even use our Rating feature to rank calls to a measurement or performance scale of your choice.

Quotes from our users

“We’ve used the CallN call recording solution for a number of years now, it’s a brilliant product, well priced,  first class support and a great asset to our portfolio of products we can offer our clients.”

Tony Warding – I.T. manager, YSes.co.uk

CallN is without a doubt the simplest and most cost effective call recording solution on the market.  We love it.  Our clients love it.

Matt Tew – Director, i-Possible

Search and Filter

Find what you want when you want. CallN’s search interface allows you to search by key word and use a wide array of standard and custom filters to find what you need quickly.

Analytics and Reporting

CallN provides you with powerful analytics to help you understand your customers and how your team works. CallN is often used as a tool to train Sales and Customer Support teams to help improve sales and service skills, improve performance, but really you can and should use CallN where ever you talk to your customers.

The relationship you have with your customer is key to your success. CallN can help provide the insight and be a tool for positive improvement and change.

Image of CallN's analytics screen


CallN is ‘cloud based’ so you can access it from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from any device with an internet connection and web browser.

Whether you are working inside your office, travelling with a laptop or mobile device,  you can quickly access CallN to find what you need and manage your account.


CallN allows you to quickly turn on and integrate with popular CRM’s, Salesforce.com and Highrise, to gain even greater benefit and productivity.

For those businesses that would like to integrate CallN with another system or custom application we have a fully featured REST API for developers.


We know security of your data is crucial, and we treat the security of any data contained within your account as a top priority. All communication between CallN cloud servers, our clients systems and internet browsers are secured using a 2048 bit secure SSL certificate. Furthermore, you also have the option to encrypt your call recordings at rest on our cloud servers. Every aspect of CallN is designed to be secure at all levels and to only allow access to the authorised users on your account.

To address data sovereignty concerns, CallN has various servers around the world and stores your data in your geographic region. If you are located in the USA your data is stored securely in USA, EU customers in the EU, and Australian customers in Australia.

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  • Accurate details are needed in order to use the right pricing tier information.
  • The calculator will give you the total cost of the plan according to the total months you specify
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