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  • Accurate details are needed in order to use the right pricing tier information.
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Get the Most Reliable Call Recording Software

Need voice phone call recording software? At CallN, we provide hosted call recording and call analytics software as a complete package, ready to be installed in your home, office or call centre. If you’re looking for a phone recording system for small business, look no further than our easy to use product. Our IP voice recorder works over the internet to document all phone calls and store the data in a secure and reliable way.

Our call recording software for business is equally useful and applicable for small to medium businesses and enterprise level companies. For a VOIP call recorder that can’t be beat, choose CallN for easy installation and integration of phone recording into your existing systems.

The Advantages of Using Call Recording Software

There are many advantages to using call recording software depending on what your role is in the business and how you can use the beneficial features included in our system. Here are the major benefits for:

Business Owners & Managers

Business owners and managers who are concerned with the overall direction of the company will find our powerful analytics highly useful. With greater insight into business performance comes greater understanding of how to improve it. Recording employee sales performance on the phone with hosted call recording provides learning opportunities for staff and the option for better training if necessary. Any compliance issues can easily be straightened out when you have a reliable record of conversations thanks to our trusted call recording software.

IT Staff & Systems Admins

IT staff and systems admins will be pleased to discover that our call recording software is quick and easy to install, and comes with detailed start-up guides for convenient reference. There are no headaches or time consuming set-up mysteries when it comes to our call recording software. It doesn’t even require any specific hardware to work! Simple troubleshooting guides can fix any teething problems, but our customers generally find installation to be a breeze.

Employees & Call Centre Staff

For sales employees and call centre staff, call recording software can similarly be very useful. By being able to easily listen back to their calls, tricky parts of their sales pitch can be learnt from and improved on. As progress is made by listening back to calls, specific training goals can be achieved. Performance reviews that make use of the benefits of call recording software are more accurate and specific, pointing out both strengths and weaknesses for employees to modify behaviour more quickly.

Benefit From Our Call Recording Software Today

If you need hosted call recording, make CallN your first choice. Our IP and VOIP call recorder software is quick and easy to install so you can start enjoying the benefits sooner. Whether you’re a manager, business owner, system admin, an employee or a call centre staff member, there are advantages to using a phone recording system for small business. Contact us today on 1300 467 768 to learn more.