Handset Grouping & Call Tagging

Easily enable and disable any handset from recording calls. Create handset groups with custom rules or tag calls individually.

Handset Grouping & Call Tagging

Why Grouping & Tagging is Important

With innovative solutions including call tagging, timestamp notes and searchable comment fields, CallN enables you to quickly sort, categorise and find not only specific calls but also specific sections within calls.

  • Report on individual phones, departments or locations
  • Set custom tags to get detailed reporting on any aspect of your business
  • Tag calls automatically and create custom rules with set actions (CallN Analytics users only)

What Grouping & Tagging Allows You to Do

Handset grouping for call centre environments is easy with our smart call centre handset grouping software, allowing you to easily filter your calls and data with custom groups for user handsets.

  • Choose which handsets are enabled
  • Apply settings at a universal, group or individual level
  • Handsets are automatically detected by the call recording software installed at your site

How It Works

With CallN’s call tagging capabilities, you can automatically tag calls and create rules for how conversations are grouped.

  • Tag calls with standard or custom tags to better categorise calls by type
  • Set words, phrases or topics that you want the software to report on
  • Ability to set rules for certain handsets and phone numbers
  • Annotate individual calls with comments
  • Set rules specific to your business activities

Client Testimonials

CallN is a fantastic call recording application. I highly recommend it. It stores all of your recordings in the cloud and has really tight integration with Salesforce.com that automatically links our recordings right on every sales order in Salesforce.com. Setup was really simple and straight forward and when I had a question during install their support was extremely helpful and easy to work with.

By Marc CutlerGold Integration Partner (Salesforce.com)

CallN is without a doubt the simplest and most cost effective call recording solution on the market. We love it. Our clients love it.

By Matt TewDirector (I-Possible)

Powershop NZ Ltd has used CallN as its call recording solution since 2010. CallN have been, and continue to be an excellent and cost effective solution for both our quality and compliance requirements. The CallN technical support team are a pleasure to deal with and as a fast growing company, we often have special requirements which CallN always deal with quickly and efficiently. It is a genuine pleasure to recommend CallN and the CallN team as a call recording solution for any company, big or small.

By Rob McIntyrePowershop NZ Ltd

We've used the CallN call recording solution for a number of years now, it’s a brilliant product, well priced, first class support and a great asset to our portfolio of products we can offer our clients.

By Tony WardingI.T. manager(YSes.co.uk)

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