Customisable Dashboards & Reporting

Get a high level snapshot of key call statistics at a glance within your dashboard.

Customisable Dashboards & Reporting

Why Dashboards & Reporting

CallN provides powerful analytics and reporting tools for improving workplace performance and proactively managing risk, allowing you to learn what works and build a better relationship with customers.

  • See where customers are calling from at a state, city or suburb level
  • View analytics on sentiment and easily filter calls with positive or negative experiences
  • Track customer sentiment and agent sentiment over time
  • Measure contact centre performance on certain keywords or phrases
  • Automate the agent QA process through the score sheets function
  • Train sales and customer support teams and implement better solutions based on analytical insights

What CallN’s Dashboard Allows You to Do

The CallN overview dashboards provide a high level snapshot of key call metrics.

  • Overview dashboard
  • Out of the box reports (schedulable)
  • Custom reports (schedulable)
  • In-depth activity log for all recordings
  • Advanced dashboard (CallN+ users only)

How it Works

The CallN dashboard provides an overall snapshot of call activities with powerful analytics.

  • Get comprehensive overviews of key metrics through customisable dashboards
  • Set-up out-of-the-box or custom reports (schedulable)
  • Access an in-depth activity log for all user initiated activities
  • Advanced Contact Centre dashboards available for CallN Analytics users

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