Sentiment Analysis

CallN’s advanced AI analyses calls to pin point terms that are negative, positive or neutral to provide insight into customer and agent sentiment

Sentiment Analysis

Why Sentiment Analysis is Important

CallN makes setting up speech analytics in your contact centre quick and easy so you can start reaping the benefits sooner.

  • Track customer and agent sentiment over time for better understanding
  • Set up rules to be applied when certain keywords or phrases are detected
  • Get access to call transcriptions that provide general context
  • Cloud-based and compatible with most VOIP systems

What Sentiment Analysis Allows You to Do

CallN uses AI speech intelligence to provide an overview of calls, saving businesses time and money. With contact centre AI based speech analysis improving every day, don’t be left behind.

  • Agent and customer sentiment analysis
  • Agent and customer performance score sheets
  • Geo location analysis
  • Easy to control call redaction during call recording to enhance compliance

How It Works

Our artificial intelligence software for sentiment analysis works via a multi-step process.

  • VOIP audio stream is captured, along with associated metadata
  • Customer voice recognition technology transcribes the call
  • Call text is converted into a data-set, which is interpreted by our AI and machine learning speech analytics to provide insights

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