Keypress Actions (DTMF VoIP)

Save agent time by mapping simple keypress shortcuts to complete actions like call tagging or stopping and resuming call recordings.

Keypress Actions (DTMF VoIP)

Why Keypress Actions Are Important

Keypress actions enable you to interact with calls directly via the phone keypad or softphone interface to improve productivity and reduce post-call wrap up work.

  • Easily tag calls using pre-defined keystrokes
  • Send emails and initiate actions via tag rules (CallN Analytics)
  • Start and pause recording to protect sensitive customer data and assist with PCI compliance
  • Reduce post-call handling time

What Keypress Actions Allow You to Do

Your business can improve call interactions with keypress actions that utilise dynamic programming.

  • Pause or resume call recording for PCI compliance
  • Tag calls for further action so you can create a better user experience for customers or get insights into your call interactions
  • Alert relevant staff of conversations that have been flagged so nothing is missed

How it Works

Keypress actions use dynamic programming and DTMF to make call tagging a breeze.

  • Tag or action a call via the telephone keypad while you’re on a call
  • Add or delete a tag post-call via the CallN portal
  • Tags are easy to create and can provide powerful insights

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