How It Works

Behind the scenes...

CallN hosted call recording uses passive packet sniffing technology to record calls without interfering with your telephone system. The VoIP packets are captured on a computer running the CallN software via the port mirroring function of your Ethernet switch where they are decoded back into voice recordings.


CallN’s footprint in your network is very light and entirely secure (see our Security as a Feature page for more details). We use industry standard 2048 bit secure SSL and strong 256 bit symmetric key for connections to CallN, within your Network and to your Web browser. Setting it up takes less than 15 minutes and this is independent on how big your handset networks is!

Best of all, when you use CallN on your VoIP network you know there is no impact on your network speed.  

Secure, fast, low impact call recording with powerful reporting tools and optional integration into your favourite CRM. This is what CallN is all about.


What is Port Mirroring?

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What is Port Mirroring?

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