Automated Call Intelligence

Drive actionable insights from interactions between the two most important resources in your business; your employees and customers.


CallN Solutions

Workforce Optimisation

Automate QA processes across all interactions, easily identify specific areas where additional agent training may be required and optimise team performance.

Compliance Risk

Ensure your business complies with regulatory and privacy laws and is effectively managing risk. Pause/resume calls at leisure and receive alerts for potential compliance issues.

Customer Experience

Unlock insights from your customer interactions and gain the tools to measure and improve your business to customer engagement and experience.

Marketing Insights

Get a clear understanding of what customers say and want via powerful sentiment analysis, campaign monitoring, topics analysis, segments and much more.

Call Recording

Call recording and tagging simplified. CallN makes it easy to tag and organise your calls while creating custom rules to minimise repetitive tasks.

CallN Features

Choose any one
  • CallN
  • CallN Analytics


Easy integrations with leading platforms such as Salesforce, Zendesk and Amazon

Handset Grouping & Call Tagging

Create handset groups with custom rules or tag calls individually.

Keypress Actions (DTMF)

Save agent time with actions like call tagging or stopping and resuming call recordings

Dashboards & Reporting

Get call duration and other statistics at a glance within your dashboard.

Automatic Call Transcription

CallN Analytics automatically transcribes every call with high accuracy.

Sentiment Analysis

CallN’s advanced AI analyses each word to provide insights into customer and agent sentiments

Voice of Customer (VOC) Analysis

CallN draws insights that clearly represent voice-of-the-customer

Powerful Rules Engine

Set criteria using a variety of conditions and drive actions autonomously

What Sets Us Apart From the Pack?

PCI DSS Compliant product

Scalable Architecture

Drag and drop Rules Engine

End to End Encryption (SSL)

User-centric Web Interface

Automated PCI Redaction

Classic Holidays

Classic Holidays

“The experience our members get when then call us is imperative, and our ability to provide additional value in the form of products and services when they make contact is a true measure of how well we are doing. CallN takes away the guesswork, and does something that would take at least ten additional people we don’t have”

By Mark, Classic Holidays
  • Critical need to cross selling and up-sell value added products in a service centric contact centre.
  • No tools to identify, manage or train the behaviour resulting in income loss and wasted training on high performers
  • Significant productivity improvements and efficiencies
  • Training was able to target specific agents rather than taking individuals already performing off the phones for training
  • Month on month improvement in sales performance

Your Corner Lending Solutions

Your Corner Lending Solutions

“I’ve seen many changes in the Finance Industry,the past 5 years has been revolutionary. Connecting our clients with lenders that fit the clients long term investment goals is what we do, speech analytics however has become the new way we do it”

  • Greater scrutiny on money lending practices fueled by recent royal commission.
  • Challenge with telephone operators at different skill levels matching clients to most appropriate lenders.
  • Quick to deploy
  • Easy to use and understand
  • Suprisingly cost effective

E-Choices Case Study

E-Choices Case Study

“We’re not having to worry about backing up our calls. We’re not having to worry about disaster recovery.”

By Nick Nicolaou, IT operations manager, eChoice
  • A need to gain a clearer sense of conversations with clients, simplify call screening for legal compliance, and remove the risk involved with storing leads on a local database.
  • Challenges with saving and screening a high volume of calls on a regular basis.
  • CallN implemented a smart (VoIP) call recording solution that allows for agent monitoring, safe storage of data in the cloud, and enhanced compliance.
  • Access to a suite of reporting tools that log core metrics, enabling eChoice staff to develop a deeper understanding of their clients’ needs.

Client Testimonials

We have used CallN since 2017 for coaching by assisting our staff to listen to their own calls and to identify areas of success and areas of opportunity. We have also used CallN for leadership and colleague call reviews. From a leadership perspective, we like CallN for reviewing calls for complaints handling, which has assisted in obtaining better outcomes and to also gauge staff productivity by using the handset report for total calls and average times. CallN is a valuable tool for us in providing a better customer experience to our members by enhancing the quality of all call interactions.

By Rabiah Restas, Team Leader – Insurance & Retail Operations Police Credit Union

We've used the CallN call recording solution for a number of years now, it’s a brilliant product, well priced, first class support and a great asset to our portfolio of products we can offer our clients.

By Tony Warding I.T. manager(

CallN is a fantastic call recording application. I highly recommend it. It stores all of your recordings in the cloud and has really tight integration with that automatically links our recordings right on every sales order in Setup was really simple and straight forward and when I had a question during install their support was extremely helpful and easy to work with.

By Marc Cutler Gold Integration Partner (

CallN is without a doubt the simplest and most cost effective call recording solution on the market. We love it. Our clients love it.

By Matt Tew Director (I-Possible)

Powershop NZ Ltd has used CallN as its call recording solution since 2010. CallN have been, and continue to be an excellent and cost effective solution for both our quality and compliance requirements. The CallN technical support team are a pleasure to deal with and as a fast growing company, we often have special requirements which CallN always deal with quickly and efficiently. It is a genuine pleasure to recommend CallN and the CallN team as a call recording solution for any company, big or small.

By Rob McIntyre Powershop NZ Ltd

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Get the Most Reliable Call Recording Software

Need (voice) phone call recording software? At CallN, we provide hosted call recording and (call) speech analytics solutions from corner stores to multi-national enterprises. If you’re looking for a phone recording system for small-to-medium business, look no further than our easy to use product. Our enterprise grade VoIP call (voice) recorder (works over the internet) is easy to use, secure and reliable and will allow you to find recordings in a few seconds.

Our call recording software for business is equally useful and applicable for small to medium businesses and enterprise level companies. For a VOIP call recorder that can’t be beat, choose CallN for easy installation and integration of phone recording into your existing systems.

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