Q: What is VoIP?

  • VoIP, short for ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’, is the transport of voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol (IP) networks rather than through the old telephony technology of PSTN.
    Voice is converted to voice data packets that are transferred to and from your network to your VoIP carrier.
    Because it’s a digital service it is often cheaper and allows access to other feature rich services like CallN call recording and call analytics.

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Q: What is Port Mirroring?

  • ‘Port Mirroring’ is a feature of an Ethernet/network switch that takes a copy of all network traffic seen on one or more ports connected to your VoIP handsets, soft-phone computers or mobile devices) and sends it to a specified port where the CallN Thin Client software can analyse and collect a copy of VoIP calls and securely upload them to your CallN account as recordings. Please see our Port Mirroring page for more detail.

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Q: Are My Recordings Secure?

  • When uploading recordings or accessing your account via a web browser, a 2048 bit secure SSL certificate is always used. This encrypted communication is both secure and private. We believe that the security of your data is paramount and we take the security of your data very seriously. We offer “industry standard” security and encryption from the cloud through every point of the journey that your call recording takes right to your computer. For more information please visit our Security as a Feature page.

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Q: Where are my recordings hosted?

  • Recordings are hosted on highly available/redundant and distributed architecture in the cloud. With hardware redundancy and multiple site replication, our cloud service boasts 99.9999% durability and 99.99% availability. Additionally, we now offer customers the ability to keep their data in the country (or region) that is pertinent to them to address data sovereignty concerns. So for example, Australian data is stored in Australia, EU data in the EU and US customers will continue to have their data stored in the US. 

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Q: Do you offer telephone support?

  • CallN is very easy to setup but we understand that some clients may not have dedicated IT support on-site. Our detailed Start-Up Guide and video tutorials are here to help guide you through the process and become familiar with CallN features. Our Support page also has a wealth of information to help answer most questions.

    We also offer 30 minutes of technical support for new customers starting a free trial. This is usually sufficient to troubleshoot any issues you may have. Our subscribed customers can of course contact us at any time by phone or via our Contact page. We will do our very best to respond to you within 24 hours of receipt of each email.

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Q: Can we host your software within our company?

  • No, to enable high availability, backups, replication and continued upgrades, the software can only be hosted within our data centers. This is really the best way we can protect your data and still give you the best quality service possible.

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Q: How many calls can be concurrently recorded?

  • Currently we have live deployments recording 100 concurrent calls on early Intel Core2 technology.
    The boffins in the lab have successfully recorded 300 concurrent calls with a busy hour of 108,000 calls on a single socket 6 core current generation Intel Xeon server.

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Q: Do I need to be logged in for calls to be recorded?

  • No, the CallN software has been created as a windows service. Calls will be recorded and uploaded even with nobody logged in and available to you from any computer or mobile device on the internet.

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Q: Is there really no network impact?

  • Yes that’s correct. Data is passively duplicated within your friendly ethernet switch and passed on to the CallN thin-client recording computers via an ethernet connection. No data manipulation is required and this keeps the network happy and humming along at a speedy pace.

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Q: What Exciting New Features Can We Expect from CallN in the future?

  • We have many exciting new features planned this year including more useful features to help you report on your calls at a click of the mouse, integrating with new CRM’s like Commtrak, configurable dashboards and much more.

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Q: I would like to be a Reseller of CallN. Do you offer a plan for Resellers?

  • We definitely welcome reseller enquiries. We have exciting plans for a rewarding reseller program in the months ahead. Please visit our Resellers page to learn more or go to our Contact page to register your interest.

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